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Feb 26, 2013 2:00am PST
at the list of places unesco deems worth protecting, you will notice that have the world heritage sites are in europe. in comparison, continents like africa or asia have only a few places on the list. europe does have a rich cultural history, but applicants themselves do not always agree. >> the northern german town is located between the north sea and the baltic. it has a population of 24,000. just outside the town, archaeologists uncovered the remains of a viking settlement. such villages are rare in germany. replicas of the cuts have been built for a museum on the site. many people are curious about the norseman and want to know about their way of life. >> after what i have seen here, i think they must have existed. these things did not just drop out of the sky. >> they were here. what you can see and read here makes them real for me. >> the vikings place in european history has made them the stuff of legend. six northern european countries including germany and sweden want to know more about them. there is an initiative to have 13 viking sites included in the unesco world heritage p
Feb 4, 2013 5:30pm PST
heritage agency unesco. together they toured the ancient city's famed sites including its grand mosque built in the 14th century and this library once filled with priceless centuries old manuscripts. the manuscripts were initially feared to have been burned but the fast majority were safed. >> what we did was to liberate and sure that cultural places but also heritage elements like the manuscripts are protected and face guarded. >> warner: not as fortunate were these medieval maasly yums recognized as world treasures. the islamists deemed them eye toll truss shrines. last july they hacked many of them into rubble. today rebels opposed to the islamists and the government claim they captured the top islamist insurgent who had imposed strict sharia law in timbuktu. meanwhile the french military said its 600 troops now patrolling the city plan to turn it over to mallian forces later this week. for more on the state of timbuktu's ancient manuscripts and sites, i'm joined by lazare eloundo asso, chief of unesco's africa unit in paris. thank you for joining it us. i'm wondering what you've he
Feb 1, 2013 7:00am EST
to prevent it losing its un world heritage status. unesco raised concerns about it last year when it sent a team to queensland to investigate the likely impact of expanded development and shipping along the coast. now the story. >> a staggering spectacle of the great barrier reef. it is one of the natural wonders that makes australia so beautiful. but it is threatened by one of the things that makes australia rich, its resources sector. the coral reef was granted world heritage status in the early 1980's. but unesco has expressed concerns about the impact on its delicate ecosystem of expanded ports and increased shipping that it will bring. after making a monitoring visit to the queensland coast last year, it gave the australian government a separate deadline correspond to its concerns. the un morning came with a threat, that's the real estate as could be downgraded to a world heritage area in danger. status could be downgraded. the government has delivered its response and has pledged to stop developments that would cause unacceptable damage to the cold reef. >> it's one of the most pres
Feb 18, 2013 7:00pm PST
of the world heritage site. about 150 experts gathered at unesco headquarters in paris. they discussed ways to rebuild ancient tombs. >> translator: the destruction of world heritage site is an act of foolishness. people of the whole world are the victims of such an act. >> militants destroyed 500-year-old islam makes liums before being driven out last month. they will study the damage and start reconstruction. >>> japanese prime minister abe is packing his bags. he will meet later this week with president obama in washington. >> they'll talk about a lot of things. one thing high on the agenda is the japan energy cooperation. japan is looking to the u.s. for an energy boost. prime minister abe will ask president obama to permit shell gas exports to japan. the two leaders will meet on friday at a summit in washington. japan faces a rising energy shortage. most plants are halted and utilities are depending on thermal power. abe is eager to import shell gas as a new cheaper resource. the u.s. is limiting gas exports to its free trade partners only. that's to avoid pressure on domestic fuel pri
Feb 26, 2013 6:30pm PST
thing for our country, so we knuckle down and do not expect anyone to do our work for us. >> unesco declared aleppo's old city a world heritage site in 1986. today, it is a war zone just meters from separating opposition and regime troops. sometimes, snipers crouched in the building opposite. the rebels have organized themselves into small squadrons. they want to hold out, whatever the personal cost. >> we were three brothers. one of us was killed. the other was wounded in the leg. we are ready to sacrifice everything. if i am shocked, then my 7-year- old son will continue the fight. >> the rebels in aleppo say they have little in the way of firepower to battle the assad regime. they are mostly limited to guns and homemade weapons like these catapult's for bombs. every day, the war claims more victims, and almost every family has had to mourn at least one relative, but that is not enough for either side to end the war. >> to egypt now where a favorite tourist activity has ended in disaster. at least 19 people have been killed when a hot air balloon crashed. most of the dead were tou
Feb 10, 2013 8:30am PST
of something called, which is based on, uh... it's also coupled with, uh, the, uh, unesco's international literacy institute. illiteracy is a problem we think is just in the, um, undeveloped or developing countries, but it's also here, even in the commonwealth of massachusetts... >> hinojosa: in fact, the has some pretty extraordinarily high numbers. >> well, high numbers on one end, but high numbers on the lower end, also. too many adults who have too low a level of literacy, and without the facilities to give them training and, because of budget cuts, they're being reduced, also. >> hinojosa: it could get worse. so, this is the name of one of your classes at the harvard kennedy school: "new media: surveillance, access, propaganda and democracy." >> right. >> hinojosa: so, you're actually also... not only are you... are you propagating for more democracy in terms of access... >> a better quality of democracy, also. >> hinojosa: a better quality of democracy, more awareness of the have-nots. you're also very concerned, as are many americans, about the issue of our loss of
Feb 4, 2013 6:00pm EST
it will be forced to dismantle the ship in order to save remove it. the reef is a unesco world heritage site. new figures show the suicide rate for u.s. veteran has increased about 20% since 2007. a study by the department of veterans affairs says close to 22 veterans take their life each day. one army veteran has been arrested in texas for shooting dead two men on a gun range. any ray routh had gone shooting with the two victims. kyle was a former navy seal who gained notoriety while in iraq. he recently spoke out against increased gun control. kyle had a routine of taking troubled u.s. veterans to gun ranges as a form of therapeutic relief. a somali american man has been found guilty of trying to detonate a bomb supplied by undercover agents in portland. a attorneys for mohamed osman mohamud accused the fbi under entrapment. he was blocked from leaving the portland area from taking another job. he could face life in prison. leon panetta has played down the role of cia torture in gathering the intelligence that led to the discovery of the location of osama bin laden. he said while torture techni
Feb 24, 2013 10:00pm EST
like unesco make a difference? within each one of them we can always say yes but here is the money and that the corrupt power and the skewed environment of the world which there is no equality to the you can say that or you can ask compared to what? which one makes the bigger difference and which one allows us to impact the power, illegitimate power, those to me are the questions that we need to be asking. the last questions that are the smaller cities and the second-tier cities are a very good question 500,000 trying to deal with cities from 10 million to 25 million in the world, the center of the global economy, those cities, that is clearly not a fair competition. and detroit and new york are two very different questions. but interestingly, the mittal site cities have also used creativity it's beginning to look at the digital age and beginning to find they can get the companies taking over. mittal site cities have their own attractions many of the so-called attractive cities to live and one of the reasons they are powerful as because they love living in the cities become too and
Feb 5, 2013 7:00am EST
this place. >> history buffs like this place because it's a fortress, a unesco protected heritage site. a great place to explore and get an understanding of the history. lots of sugar cane fields, too, and old mills that have been decommissioned. so it's a beautiful island, first off, but it's also a great place to get a full resort experience that won't break the bank. marriott there, we found rates from $215 a night in march. >> and neevus is next door -- >> not so cost affordable. >> no. >> but pretty. >> very pretty. and you can do a day trip from st. kitts and experience it. go for lunch, maybe hit the greens if you want a bit of a splurge. >> absolutely. >> florida keys. >> the florida keys. super easy to get. to i wouldn't say it's 80 this time of year, but pleasant 70s. you fly into miami. again, you can get there for under $200 from the east coast. lots of quaint b&bs and inns all over the keys. not much more than $100 a night if you're looking to save your pennies. and there you get to go water sports, kayaking, it's a really great all-around destination. and quintessential
Search Results 0 to 18 of about 19 (some duplicates have been removed)